Window adjustment

The window is hard to open? Don’t be so quick to change it; you can get free estimate and quality service from our specialists. Our company offers you window repair service. Wood Window Repair INC staff team will teach you how to use doors and windows properly and care about them.

Adjustment can improve functional characteristics of the construction and prolong the life of window or door. Adjustment will help in the following cases:

  • Window does not open
  • there are clearances between the frame and sash
  • there is draft in your room
  • you can hear noises from the outside
  • you see condensate on your windows
  • difficult to turn the handle

If you have one of these problems you need professional maintenance and adjustment.


In case you notice any malfunction you shouldn’t try to use force and fix it yourself. It is better to call our specialists. Adjustment is relatively cheap, but replacement of a broken item is far more expensive. Trust our professionals to do their jobs.

We work with all types of windows and doors, and offer services:

  • window adjustment
  • replacement of sealing elements
  • furniture repair
  • cleaning of anti-flooding waterways

Wood Window Repair INC team of professionals will advise you and help fix and malfunctions quantitatively, with a guarantee and at any time you need.