Mechanism replacement

Practically all modern doors and windows are high-quality easy to use. But still there are weak spots which need attention of professionals. It concerns door and window furniture especially which can lead to the fail of the whole construction.

The main reasons for problems with doors and windows

  • absence of care
  • displacement and changing of a door or window frame during maintenance
  • incorrect installation
  • negative mechanic influence (friction, excessive work, frequent slams)

When a problem appeared you should address to the team of professionals. It will save time, money and efforts. Come to Wood Window Repair INC, and our staff will find and eliminate any problem. Replace a broken detail, lock for a door or window – we will do everything for the impossible is not beyond us.

We always have a wide range of necessary details due to cooperation with all major companies which produce windows and doors in the USA. It gives us an opportunity to start work in the shortest possible term. Ask for us and we will find a solution to your problem!