Window & door replacement

Decided to change old windows or install a new door for your patio? Our professionals will change and install new windows, doors and patio doors. We cooperate with the most famous door and window manufactures in the USA and works with all types of wood constructions.

Advantages of new windows and doors:

  • energy efficiency
  • high reliability
  • safety
  • thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • comfortable and practical furniture

Doors and windows replacement helps to keep your house warm and reduce street noises. In addition, you can select any construction which will be the most convenient for you to use. New windows and doors are made of reliable and safe materials which will serve you for years if they are installed properly.

To change old windows and doors we do next services:

  • do measurements and calculate optimum options for the new window/door
  • full-frame window replacement
  • pocket frame window replacement
  • replacement of all rotten wooden parts
  • соulking and sealing service

Whether you want to replace a window, old door or any other constructions Wood Window Repair INC specialists will help you with a great pleasure. Contact us and we are ready to get down to work at any time.